Dear Mommy,

I've only been around for a little while, but I have a feeling I'm already a pretty important person to you. I've heard you talking about how excited you are about me, and how much you hav eto do to get ready for me.

I know you've been looking through catalogs and magazines trying to pick out just the perfect things for my room -- furniture that will grow up with me, cute and cozy bedding, and great things for me to look at and play with.

I know your body had been changing to make room for me, and you need new things to wear, and special things that you will use to feed me. When I'm born, I'll need lots of clothes to keep me as warm and comfortable as you have all these months.

I can tell by the way that you've taken care of yourself taht you want to keep me safe and healthy. I've heard you reading about car seats, monitors and other trhings that will help me grow up big and strong.
But Mommy, I know you're worried about how to buy the best things for me without a whole lot of money. That's why I want to let you in on a little secret that will help us find everything we need and give you more time to enjoy getting ready for me.

What's my secret? It's The Baby's Room at Magnolia Furniture in Florence, Alabama. Let's take a trip to The Baby's Room, Mommy, and we will be able to see all the things we've read and dreamed about -- right there in the store! We can pick out things we like, and let the nice people at The Baby's Room tell our friends and family what we want if they want to buy something for us.

And Mommy, you won't have to worry about how you're going to afford all the nice, name-brand things you want. Even though The Baby's Room is the only place like this around, they can still offer us really low prices on the best stuff. We can even let them hold it for five months while we pay a little at a time. That way, everything will be ready for me when I make my grand arrival!

So let's go to The Baby's Room today, and let's bring Daddy and Grandma -- they'll love looking around, and we'll all enjoy the trip. If you can't find the way, just call Robert or Martha Jenkins for free at 1-866-766-5510. They're the nice people who opened The Babys Room.

Mommy, you may be wondering how I know so much about The Baby's Room. Well, with a Mommy like you, of course, you know I'm ganna' be smart!

Your little bundle of joy

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